• 728 x 90 pixels
  • File size must not be larger than 40KB
  • We can accept animated .gif or .jpg or third party tags
  • Please also supply a mobile leaderboard of 320 x 50 pixels
  • Please supply a clickthrough URL / weblink


  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • File size must not be larger than 40KB
  • We can accept animated .gif or .jpg or third party tags
  • Please supply a clickthrough URL / weblink

SOLUS Email (Bespoke)

Guidelines – View As PDF

  • Please provide copy as a HTML file – it should consist of both images and text
  • HTML code must be supplied in a <table> tag structure of no more than 600 pixels wide
  • CSS / stylesheets must not be used to format emails or to create responsive design (mobile optimisation). All formatting must be created as inline HTML within the table itself. Any CSS written outside of the 600px table will be removed and may affect your design
  • All images need to be in a GIF or JPEG format only (file size for images must not total more than 250KB – we cannot accept files saved as tiff etc)
  • All graphics should be hosted on a live server and referenced as absolute URLs within the creative
  • Please ensure the server hosting the images has sufficient bandwidth to cope with high volumes of traffic on the day of send
  • Ensure your call to action is well placed, ideally above the fold and utilised in a way that it follows on from other copy in a coherent and logical manner
  • Do not use <body>, <p>, <p style> or <div> tags as these are removed by some email service providers
  • Animated gifs do not display correctly from Outlook 2007 onwards
  • Do not use background images <bg> as these are removed by most email service providers
  • Flash and Rich Media files cannot be used in emails
  • Do not include your own unsubscribe links
  • Do not use unique / custom design fonts. Ensure web-friendly fonts, hyperlink text, colours and sizes are consistent throughout the message
  • Please avoid including telephone numbers where possible and note that we are unable to track email address clickthroughs

Please also supply

  • An alternative text version (plain text)
  • A subject header for the email
  • An approver’s email address(es). A proof email will be sent to you to check the set up of the campaign

Please note that your creative cannot be accepted if

  • The copy consists of one large graphic, or copy made entirely of images, due to image blockers / spam filters
  • html is designed to include Cascade Style Sheeting (CSS), or JavaScript
  • html is designed in a word processing package (e.g. Word for Windows, FrontPage) or InDesign
  • The copy is supplied as a PDF
  • The html has been sent out or built via any bulk email system (e.g. Dotmailer, Mailchimp etc)

Clients are permitted to supply their own HTML design (in accordance with the spec above) for the following products:
EG Updates, EG Requirements, EG Developments, EG Occupiers. Please be aware that supplying HTML design may render the email unresponsive on mobile. To ensure that your email is fully responsive, please supply copy for the Solus Email (Template).

SOLUS Email (Template)

  • Headline and Tagline
  • Main image must be 569 pixels wide, in a gif or jpg format (max file size 50kb). We recommend a depth / height. of no more than 350 pixels.
  • Max 200 words of text for body of email
  • Clickthrough URL
  • Web friendly logos if required (max file size 40kb)

Mobile optimised template solution are available with no additional cost the following:
EG Updates, EG Requirements, EG Developments, EG Occupiers

Email Banner

  • 600×90 pixels
  • GIF and JPEG images are accepted
  • Static .gifs are strongly recommended. Note that animated GIF’s do not display correctly in Outlook version 2007 onwards,  so please ensure that the first frame carries the main message, if only for a fraction of a second.
  • File size should not exceed 30kb
  • Please supply a clickthrough URL / weblink

Banner positions are available on the following emails:
EGI AM and PM Alerts, EG Legal, EG Auctions, EG Investment and Editor’s Highlights.

Auctions Listing

Please supply the following Information

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo supplied as a .gif or jpg, without telephone number
  • Auction Date
  • Region covered by auction (e.g. Nationwide, North East, London etc)
  • Call to action (entries invited / catalogue live / website)
  • Clickthrough URL / Website link

Composite EG Update

  • 161px x 161px image supplied
    as jpg or static .gif
  • Headline of 8 words or less
  • Blurb of 50 words or less
  • Clickthrough URL to relevant webpage or download
  • Email address for approval

** Please note that telephone numbers are not permitted on this email **

Jobs Skyscraper

  • 160 x 600 pixels
  • File size must not be larger than 40KB
  • We can accept animated .gif or .jpg or third party tags
  • Please supply a clickthrough URL / weblink